Illawarra Alpine Club
Illawarra Alpine Club


Since 1973 Illawarra Alpine Club has been responsible for the maintenance of 3 huts in Pilot Wilderness Area.  These huts provide essential shelter in the park and provide an insight into the history of those that lived in this remote area many years ago.

In 1970 the Kosciusko Huts Association was formed to ensure the preservation and maintenance of the area's mountain huts and to record their history. Illawarra Alpine Club became a enthusiastic supporter and participant in its programs. 

The huts that Illawarra Alpine Club actively supports are:
Cascade Hut
Tin Mine Huts (including The Barn, Mess Hut  and Charlie Carter's Hut)
Teddy's Hut
Illawarra Alpine Club has received many accolades for its work in the Pilot Wilderness Area. Many club members have passed through the doors of these huts and assisted in the maintenance of them. The club plans to continue to support KHA in maintenance of the huts and help to ensure their preservation for the future.

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