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Staying at the Lodge

There are some things you’ll need to know to ensure your enjoyment and safety during your visit. Please familiarise yourself with them as they are all important for the smooth running of the Lodge.

This is a lot of information and while we transfer it to this site, please find all relevant info on the Google site from the old IAC website. Click the button below.

Summer Stays

Summer bookings are encouraged – the mountains can be a wonderful place even when there is no snow!

Bear in mind that you and your group may not be the only people that are using the lodge during summer. As there may be multiple groups at any one time, please be considerate of your fellow guests.

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Blood Red Snowgum  30x40inch_.jpg

Health and Safety

In winter, ice and snow frequently sliding off the roof can come from a significant height without warning and can be very heavy. Please supervise children’s snow-play around the lodge at all times. Perisher resort management cautions all visitors of the risk of injury from snow and ice fall, in particular to unsupervised children at play.

Fire is an ever present danger. Please do not use any electrical items that have damaged cords, light candles and be aware of anything that may cause a fire.

No smoking is permitted in any area of the lodge including balconies, verandahs, emergency exits and the entry alcove. Smoking is permitted a minimum of 5m from any entrance or exit under the Smoke free Environment Act 2000.

Specific dietary requirements for members should be added to your profile page on the website. For guests, advise requirements when making a booking.

Please do not attend the lodge with any cold or flu like symptoms.

Hand sanitiser and surface disinfectant wipes will be available throughout the lodge. Masks can be found at the main entry door and on the bench closest to the kitchen.

Club Merchandise

Club merch is available to buy from an online store. Items can be tried on for size at the lodge. Please ask the Hut Captain for the box of sample sizes.

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