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Junior Development Program


The JDP supports and continues to build the strong and proud racing culture of IAC. Racing is a huge part of our club’s ethos. Luckily it is also FUN!! This program is designed to build and support strong and keen competitors that will enjoy a lifelong involvement in IAC racing.


Originally, the aims of the program were to develop the alpine and cross-country racing skills of juniors, willing to represent IAC and willing to commit to participating in the long established inter-club races (Illawarra Junior Interclub and the Smiggins’ Shield within the Smiggins Bowl). Snowboarding Giant Slalom was introduced as an Interclub event in 1995.


The primary objectives of the program are:

  • To develop snow sport skills amongst our juniors and provide a pool of willing, and able participants with racing skills so that they can represent  the Club in Junior Interclub races.

  • Increased camaraderie amongst our junior (and senior) members, Our. participants gain an appreciation of our Club culture and values including its rich snow sports history. There is increased awareness of the Kosciuszko National Park & our place in the fragile alpine ecosystem.

  • An opportunity to compete amongst the JDP cohort for their place on the prestigious Bob Mettam Memorial - Junior Club Championship board.



Preferably Junior kids (just starting out in the program) and Senior kids (in their last year of the program/doing HSC etc.). Held in the NSW July public school holidays (alternating each year between the 1st and 2nd weeks of the holidays). The philosophy for this group is that older kids will act as mentors to the younger kids and also ensures the older kids are not missing out on important time at school in their final years..


Core Training Group. In the weeking leading into the Illawarra Junior Interclub Race - participation on Race Day is not limitied and is at the discretion of the Junior Club Captain.

Who can join?

The JDP is open to Club Members’ children aged 10 to 16 inclusive (as below eligibility criteria).

Younger siblings (under 10 yrs) are eligible to participate in the Illawarra Interclubs - however without support from the Club and at their/parents risk).


The program is set to run in such a way that we can accommodate as many kids as possible, run a successful program and all the while, still make beds available to the broader membership.

A nominal program fee is applicable per participant ($120/child increasing annually). The Club subsidises the rest of the cost, hence we look for participants who will commit and represent the Club in the future.

How is it run?

The groups will train in a format similar to what is listed below. This may change at the discretion of the Junior Development Officer (Jnr Captain) and availability of Instructors. The number of lessons is somewhat dependent on the number of participants.

Lessons - Perisher Snow Sports (Skiing and Snowboarding)

A combination of 2hr and 4hr lessons on each day (typically mornings).

Lessons - K7 Alpine Sports (Cross Country)

Cross Country (Introductory and Development) 2-3hr lessons with K7 Instructors at the Nordic Shelter/XC Trails (typically afternoons).

Eligibility Criteria

This program requires a large commitment by the participants and their families. The program is run at a significant cost to both the Club and participating families. 

Parents/Guardians accept that the Club is not responsible for any liability (personal or property) whilst particpating in the Program (or Races)

Family/Guardian support for the juniors is required, it is not a "drop and ski" program.

The selection criteria for the junior racer program are listed below.

Children must:

  1. Be 10 years old and under 17 years old (on the day of the Illawarra Interclub race (1st Saturday of September).

  2. Have Basic skills in skiing & snowboarding are expected (generally competent Green run level and skilled at loading T-bars on a Snowboard) - pls ask if uncertain as we cannot assign personalised instructors to individual kids.

  3. Have a valid Perisher lift pass and appropriate clothing for the Alpine environment.

  4. Follow IAC Club rules and Perisher’s Alpine Responsibility Code at all times.

  5. Be willing to train for, and compete in, the 3 disciplines of alpine, cross country and snowboard races.

  6. All racers must be registered with Snow Australia (Snow Racer ID)

​The Parent/Guardian:

  1. Parents need to purchase (or hire) all necessary equipment for all 3 disciplines - including a certified helmet (mandatory).

  2. Accept that Perisher and K7 (or others) require additional 'Disclaimers' to be signed by the parent/guardian in order to particpate in lessons.

  3. Accept that only 1 parent may be able to accompany their child(ren) in each booking request

  4. Normal "guardian responsibility" process applies for participants whose parents are not at the lodge.

  5. Parents will be expected to pay all costs not involved in the program and assist the Jnr Captain with basic duties.

The Club/Jnr Development Officer (Jnr Captain)

  1. Juniors will be selected on the basis of their willingness and availability to compete in ski races for the Club, and their ability to develop as ski racers

  2. In the event the program is oversubscribed, a ballot may be necessary and new applicants will be waitlisted in order of application.

  3. Normal IAC booking rules apply (NB - bookings should be in by 1st March each season.) - external accommodation may be necessary at your own cost.


Happily, the program is fun, popular and successful!

Applications to join and re-register each year are to be emailed to:

How Does It All Work?

Cancelation Policy

Got more questions?

Shoot our Junior Development Officer an email here:

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