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The Club's Membership is currently closed to general new member applications.


Applications for admission as a New Senior Member for spouse/defacto and for former members, and Adult Children of current senior members are open. Please refer to the 'New Memberships' section of this site. The applicable Joining Fees are currently:

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For more information about membership types, please click the headings below:

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New Membeship
Rolle Pass

New Membership

Please find below details on how to request/apply for club membership (reminder: general new membership remains closed):


Children / Junior Membership

Children (<18) of current members can be added as Members of the Club by emailing a copy of their birth certificate to


Spouse/Defacto Applications

Please complete the spouse application form and submit to including supporting evidence (Marriage Certificate, Certificate of registration from the NSW Relationship Register or a Statutory Declaration). All applications must:

(1) Be supported by 2 x existing IAC Members (non-family) referees

(2) All applicants will be interviewed by 2 committee members


Note: proposed spouse/defacto should have stayed at the lodge at least once during the past 2 winters.

Applications are subject to approval by the IAC Board. The current Spouse/De facto joining fee is $1,800 + First Year Subs (effective 01/11/2023). 


Former Members & Children of Current Senior Members

(over 18 Years)

May apply for admission as a New Senior Member of the Club, noting the following criteria and process:

  • The Club board will review each application, and retains the discretion to approve, decline or place an applicant on the wait-list.

  • The new member application form must be fully completed and sent to

  • An applicant must either be (a) a former Child/Junior/Senior Member of IAC or an adult child of a current financial member of the club.

  • Be supported by 2 x existing IAC Members (non-family) referees

  • The applicant must have stayed at the lodge as a guest within the past 2 years.

  • An applicant may submit a spouse/de facto application in-conjunction with their New Member Application.

  • An applicant may join children under the age of 18 at no additional cost 

  • All applicants will be interviewed by 2 committee members

The applicable New Member Joining Fee applies (currently $8,150 - effective till 31/10/24), if a spouse/de facto application is also submitted the spouse/defacto joining fee (currently $1,800) will apply + first years annual subs. 

NOTE: upon request, the Club board will consider an instalment plan to enable a prospective new member to pay off their joining fee over a 12 month period.  


General Membership Intake  
(Currently Closed)

The Club has had 3 new member intakes since its formation. These were in 1970, 1999/2000 and in 2010.  The Club membership base is currently strong and organically growing, with no current plans to open for a general membership intake. As a guide, if/when applications for new members are sought the following factors (amongst others) may be considered:

  • Period of time staying at the Club Lodge as a guest

  • Any volunteer work supporting the club 

  • Historical family ties to the Club

  • Ties to the Illawarra region

Subs Discounts

Subs Discounts

The Club provides a 50% discount on Senior Member Subscription Fees for Members:

  1. Aged between 18 and 21 (this is automatically applied)  

  2. Members residing overseas for 12+ Months (upon application to the Membership Officer)  


Applications for an overseas residency discount need to be submitted in writing to the Membership Officer at (supporting documentation confirming the overseas residential address must be provided). 

Après Membership

A Senior Member of the Club may request to convert their membership to 'Après' providing:

  1. Have been a fully paid Senior Member for at least 20 years AND

  2. Is 65 Years or older


The Annual Subscription Fee for an "Après Member" is 15% of the normal Senior Member fee. An Après member can not make a winter season booking until the 1st of May each year. 


Applications to convert Senior Membership to Après should be submitted to the Membership Officer at 

Apres Membership
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