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Covid-19 Protocol 2022

COVID remains an active concern, and 2022 is seeing a spike in Influenza/Flu in the community. IAC is committed to providing a safe and healthy lodge for all Members and Guests. Please carefully consider the following:

  • All Members and Guests are strongly encouraged to ensure they are up-to-date with their COVID vaccine (including booster shots) AND the 2022 Annual Flu Vaccination – which is now free.

  • All Members and Guests are strongly encouraged to take a Rapid Antigen Test prior to their visit to the lodge. Anyone with active flu-like symptoms is advised to cancel their visit.

  • Whilst at the lodge, ensure proper hand washing hygiene practices are followed (using soap), in addition, hand sanitiser stations are located throughout the common areas and in all bedrooms.

  • Whilst at the lodge, please ensure proper cough etiquette is followed.

  • If you (or your Guest/s) are sick with any illness (COVID, Flu, Cold, Gastro etc) do not come to the lodge, cancel your booking.

  • If you (or your Guest/s) test positive to COVID whilst at the Lodge, you and those in your room will be directed to leave immediately. Others in residence at the lodge at the time will be offered masks and RAT kits and asked to monitor for symptoms. Our NSW Health liaison will be contacted for further guidance in this scenario.

  • If you utilise a nebuliser (eg. for asthma) these must only be used in your room. Please advise the Lodge Managers if you utilise these to enable heightened room cleaning upon your check-out

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